Hyper-Realistic Vs. Stylized Art Styles

ART - September 30, 2022

Choosing the right art direction for your

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Magic Media Steampunk
Behind the Magic: Steampunk Clash

ART - September 22, 2022

The characters and models you see below

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game art outsourcing
Preparing for Outsourcing Game Art

ART - September 05, 2022

At Magic Media, we provide outsourcing game

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Podcast: Becoming a 3D Artist
Podcast: Becoming a 3D Artist

ART - September 02, 2022

In this action-packed episode of the

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Concept Artist
Day in the Life: Concept Artist

ART - July 15, 2022

let’s talk about one of the most

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Co-Development Magic Media Railway Empire
When to Outsource Co-Development

ART - July 08, 2022

Outsourcing can be an excellent way to

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4-Armed Warrior 3D Art
Behind the Magic: 4-Armed Warrior 3D Art

ART - June 22, 2022

Have a look at some of Magic Media’s latest work

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Day in the Life: 3D Artist

ART - June 07, 2022

Understand what a 3D Artist does daily

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3d SMG Gun
Behind the Magic: Weapons of Nine to Five

ART - May 19, 2022

When it comes to realistic military shooters

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Iontxu Ocasar
Day in the Life: Game VFX Artist 

ART - May 05, 2022

Understand what a VFX Artist does daily

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