Behind the Magic: Tommy Hilfiger 3D Art

When you think about gaming and the services the Magic Media Group provides, fashion isn’t the first thing to come to mind! But when approached to assist with creating Tommy Hilfiger outfits for a unique Metaverse opportunity, we were delighted to contribute our 3D art and 3D modeling skills.

The team at Ringtail Studios led the charge on this project, as the art and modeling experts first and foremost. Our Group was contracted to take the fantastic high poly models created by the internal team and deliver them to the platform.

The Work and Tools of 3D Art

As the clients created the high poly models, the bulk of our work was optimizing the models, fixing any existing artefacts, sorting UVs, and baking textures on for the final delivery.

We used ZBrush to fix any modeling issues and to correct any artefacts. Blender was used for retopology and the UVs. Textures were baked using Marmoset. Finally, we adjusted the colours of the outfits directly with the texture maps.

The client was unfamiliar with the pipeline of work and were happy to allow us autonomy to the final delivery. Their original model creation helped our team a lot in delivering the finished 3D art to them. We also had to tweak the models in a few, minor ways, as some poses don’t translate well to 3D apps.

Challenges with 3D Art

The main challenges were the poses and the lighting. While the posing of the 3D art was an easy fix, the colours were tricky. This was due to the unique lighting on the platform itself. The final colouring we delivered from our tools wouldn’t look right once integrated onto the platform. 

As we didn’t have access to the specific lighting in our tools, it was a back-and-forth process with the client and the application itself. Our team, using the references and original models, eyeballed the colour and used trial and error to eventually land on the correct colouring. At times, for all the technology available and expertize, an analogue and by-hand approach is required.

Final Delivery

Our client was very happy with the final delivery. As with any project, there is feedback to consider and implement. And once the two or three outfits were tweaked per the client’s instructions, we were good to go.

The strength of good outsourcing is speed and efficiency, and we were proud to deliver that in spades. It’s always a pleasure to work with big names in any industry and assisting their work for such a unique Metaverse integration opportunity is even better.

Last time we checked, the outfits our team had created were sold out on the app’s marketplace! So, our team are happy to call that a success.

If you’re interested in your own bespoke and detail-driven 3D art project, get in touch with us today. We have a comprehensive host of services on offer including VFX, full-cycle development, and more. Check out our services page to learn more.


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