Podcast: Art Development in Games

ART - February 27, 2022

In the Magic Media Podcast’s first ever

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Magic Media 3D Art
Behind the Magic: Space Command 3D Art 

ART - February 04, 2022

Have a look at some of Magic Media’s latest work

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Quality 3D Model
What Makes a Quality 3D Model?

ART - November 01, 2021

In a continued effort to cut down

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What Makes Good Character Design?

ART - October 06, 2021

We discussed this question with some of

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Fire Warrior
Behind the Magic: The Flames of War

ART - September 23, 2021

Contrast is one of the strongest narrative

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starloopmedia post featured image
Starloop Studios Becomes A Magic Media Company

ART - August 12, 2021

Starloop Studios is officially a Magic Media compa..

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