Magic Media’s 2023 Highlights

2023 has been an incredible year for Magic Media. We’ve seen unprecedented growth in critical areas and had the opportunity to work on fantastic projects leveraging our diverse services, including video game art, game development, video production services, VFX services, and much more. As 2023’s end draws nearer, we felt this was a perfect time to reflect on our year and share some of our most notable highlights.

Magic Media’s continued success would be impossible without our exceptionally talented team, whose talents cover countless disciplines, and our esteemed clients, whom we love nothing more than to work with diligently and bring their compelling creative visions to life in the gaming, entertainment, and tech sectors.

Magic Media’s 2023 Project Highlights

Throughout 2023, Magic Media has had the distinct pleasure of working on all manner of projects in gaming, entertainment, and tech. From large-scale video game productions to bespoke video campaigns, we’ve worked with exciting clients and exercised our diverse creative toolset.

Remnant 2 is one of the most noteworthy projects we worked on this year, lending our video game art and VFX services to the project. We were delighted to contribute 3D art pieces and visual effects to this title and collaborate with the wonderful Gunfire Games. Another significant collaboration this year was with Supermassive Games on their game The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR. For this project, we assisted with set dressing, texturing, and 3D modeling.

One of 2023’s most memorable game releases was Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion. We worked with CD Projekt Red on Phantom Liberty by providing our second-to-none video game art services, working specifically on new objects and locations in the expansion’s new content. We also lent our video game art production skills to New World, where we crafted brand-new weapons and armor for the Rise of the Angry Earth expansion.

We’ve been involved in an exciting collaboration with Microids on Goldorak, where we’ve been in a co-development partnership with the Paris-based studio and then with Mythical where we provided VFX and art services for the thrilling open-world multiplayer experience Blankos Block Party.

Our video production services were sought after in 2023 as well, as we were part of a high-profile collaboration with Yahoo Studios and Manchester City Football Club, where we delivered a series of videos using live-action, animation, and hybrid videos. Our video production specialists worked with Platige to deliver a unique SpongeBob SquarePants ride in Las Vegas. For this project, we used existing concept art as a reference to create the various visual elements and designs contained in the ride to the high standard set by the Nickelodeon TV series.

Magic Media Resort

2023 saw the opening of the Magic Media Resort, a one-of-a-kind resort experience for the gaming community. The resort is comprised of unique villas complete with all modern holiday destination conveniences including swimming pools, barbecue spaces, and much more.

What makes the Magic Media Resort unique is that it’s tailored for gamers with its state-of-the-art gaming equipment, ideal for gaming-oriented holidaymakers and for hosting exclusive industry events. If this wasn’t enough, the Magic Media Resort is in Crete, an idyllic island in Greece that boasts incredible weather, food, and people.

Magic Media Brand Launches

One of the most significant developments for Magic Media in 2023 was the launch of two new brands, Magic Media Mobile Studio and Magic Media VFX & Cinematics.

The launch of Magic Media Mobile Studio saw us compartmentalize our extensive mobile experience into this dedicated team. Just like the dozens of expert services Magic Media offers for gaming, entertainment, and tech projects, Magic Media Mobile Studio offers the same high quality and expertize for our clients who require services for their mobile projects. Though Magic Media has always catered to our mobile clients in this way, Magic Media Mobile Studio paved the way for us to take on more diverse projects and optimize our processes.

Similarly to Magic Media Mobile Studio, the launch of Magic Media VFX & Cinematics saw us bring a new level of structure to our service offerings for VFX in film, television, and video game cinematics. VFX services have always been part of Magic Media’s one-stop solution, but with Magic Media VFX & Cinematics, we can take on even more projects in an efficient manner than ever before.

Magic Media is an experienced services provider for gaming, entertainment, and tech projects. We offer dozens of services, including full-cycle game development for all platforms, complete game art services, real-time VFX, and much more. To bring your projects to vivid life, contact Magic Media today, and let’s create magic!


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