Magic Media at Nordic Games 2023

The Magic Media team were delighted to attend the Nordic Games 2023 event, held as always in the beautiful Malmo, Sweden. From the 23rd to the 26th, our attending staff had a fantastic time getting to meet and interact with numerous developers and publishers. There were too many projects showcased to mention, suffice to say we were very impressed at the talent on show!

Magic Media’s team were attending Nordic Games to keep an eye out for interesting projects that aligned with the group’s goals. A difficult task in an industry so heavily populated with such innovative and creative people. Compelling projects were plentiful and it was our team’s job to narrow down the selection and show the Nordic region that we mean business.

Highlights and Takeaways of the Nordic Games Event

The events and talks at these events are always eye-opening and interesting looks into the industry that we’re a part of. One such event that really grabbed our team’s attention was the MY.GAMES gathering. This discussion focused on the challenges faced by modern game developers, an evolving challenge that all studios face. We were pleased to discover that the Magic Media team were in quite a good place for the current challenges, possessing effective and scalable solutions for these issues.

Finally, a few key takeaways from the event included the rise of twin-stick mobile games. Publishers seemed very interested in quality content and there was less focus on the free-to-play market than usual. Additionally, we noticed the ongoing popularity for virtual reality games. Potential clients and our industry peers both seemed to be increasing the amount of attention on the VR gaming realm.

We had a great time at the Nordic Games Event, we didn’t get a chance to meet and speak with everybody though!

At Magic Media, we’re experienced veterans of game development, whether it’s for remakes or original projects. If you’re interested in Magic Media or would like to leverage our global services such as full-cycle development, co-development, VFX, game art, and more, don’t hesitate to get in touch! It’s never a bad time to create magic.


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