Crafting CRM Videos for Your Game’s Audience

A sizeable portion of video marketing content is aimed toward growth – acquiring new users, showcasing your product in the best way possible, and why it stands out in its market. This kind of video marketing is crucial to the success of any business, but how can an existing user base be served?

In the gaming industry, customer relationship marketing (CRM) plays a vital role in the continued success of any games designed to have a long shelf life and that receive significant post-launch support. Though CRM videos have a lot in common with other marketing video types, like the performance videos crafted by Igloo Creative House, they have different purposes, require a different approach, and contain different nuances.

Connecting With Your Existing Audience

From the experience of Igloo Gaming, a Magic Media company, customer relationship marketing videos are about connecting with your existing audience rather than building it. When creating video content to build a new audience for a new game, showcasing in the most broadly appealing way for your target audience is a good idea to interest as many potential customers as possible.

CRM videos are generally used to address existing or potentially returning players for your game. With this in mind, CRM video content can have a narrower focus. Instead of the focus being the whole game, CRM videos would focus on particular aspects of a game that could appeal to existing players.

Using CRM Videos For Your Game

If there is an exciting new feature debuting in your game soon, then CRM video is the perfect way to market it. While the composition of a CRM video, as detailed before by Igloo Creative House, might be similar to other marketing videos, the language used to communicate your new feature is different.

The advantage of marketing to your current audience is that you can be more direct in your language, as you’re not trying to establish a user base with wide-ranging language use. It’s not uncommon to see some titles use in-game terminology that players are familiar with to entice them with a new game feature, and it’s something that our video experts at Igloo Gaming, part of the Magic Media group, believe can bring a lot of character and charm to CRM videos.

We’ve seen that casual games, in particular, can benefit greatly from CRM videos. It’s common practice for games of the genre to have in-app purchases and regular sales for them. A CRM video can also serve LiveOps for games. LiveOps refers to updates and enhancements made to titles that don’t require the release of a brand-new version of it. LiveOps updates often include new gameplay activities, and highlighting them with a CRM video is a clever way to keep your audience clued into the latest content.

Goals & Challenges of CRM Videos

The overall aim of CRM videos, like those that Igloo Gaming creates, can be to keep your current audience engaged, whether that is through marketing your new sale on in-game purchases or a new feature. Fortunately, we’ve seen from Igloo Gaming and the wider Magic Media group’s experience that it’s easy to measure if your CRM video has been successful in achieving its goal.

User data can easily highlight if it has been a success. For instance, if CRM video content has been created for a new bonus level in your casual game, data can be analyzed to see how many players played the level. Similarly with sales, it’s easy to see if there has been an uptick in purchases of sale items and by how much.

CRM video is subject to many of the same challenges as other marketing video content – getting the key messages right, length, and tone of voice – but one thing we’re specifically conscious of is avoiding gameplay interruption. Experienced players won’t want their experience skewed, even if it is for an exciting new gameplay feature, so it’s imperative to be aware of CRM video length and placement when marketing for your existing user base.

For your CRM video needs, a trusted and experienced video partner is the best way to go. Take a look at our reels today and make sure to get in contact with us, we love the opportunity to deliver world-class gaming industry video content.



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