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Magic Media Game Engine, advanced sci-fi server room with a central pod.
Picking your Game Engine: Unity vs Unreal Engine Part 1

GAME DEVELOPMENT - April 16, 2024

When it comes to creating your game, one

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Magic Media Live Ops, a 2D concept art, a dynamic composition showcasing a lineup of diverse characters, from futuristic warriors to fantasy figures, reflecting the vast creative scope in game character design.
Magic Media’s Live Ops Service Offering

LATEST NEWS - April 11, 2024

As part of the deep selection of

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Magic Media - Game Porting, a grand neoclassical-style building resembling a capitol or courthouse with a large dome and columns.
Differences in Remaking, Remastering, and Game Porting

GAME PORTING - April 09, 2024

Game remakes, game porting, and game remasters are

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Magic Media 3D Game Art, a highly detailed digital artwork of an old wooden cabin on a floating landmass, set against a dark background.
Behind the Magic: 3D Game Art Post-Apocalyptic Wooden Cabin

ART - April 03, 2024

Our latest look behind the magician’s curtain

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Magic Media team members smiling at GDC 2024, with one person wearing a branded jacket.
Magic Media at GDC 2024

EVENTS - March 27, 2024

Magic Media had an exciting time at

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Magic Media Day in the life of a 3D Animator
Day in the Life: 3D Animator

DAY IN THE LIFE - March 25, 2024

Day-to-day life of a 3D Animator

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Magic Media game art production, a highly detailed 3D-rendered revolver with a wooden grip and aged metal, showcasing intricate design in game asset creation.
What is Video Game Art Production?

ART - March 20, 2024

Video game art production is the process of

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Magic Media game porting, featuring an intricate scene depicting a monstrous alien infestation within a high-tech space station corridor
What is Game Porting?

GAME DEVELOPMENT - March 07, 2024

Game porting refers to adapting an existing

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Magic Media Art Production for Synapse, a trio of statues with glowing halos in monochrome, blending classical sculpture with contemporary digital art.
Art Production for Synapse: Enhancing the Surreal World of VR Gaming

ART - February 29, 2024

At Magic Media, we had the incredible opportunity

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Magic Media Mobile Game Development, a vibrant 2D art scene from a lively coastal village in a mobile game, featuring stylized architecture, lush foliage, and a friendly dragon-like creature, illustrating the charming art style and creative environment design.
Developing Mobile Games for Android and iOS

GAME DEVELOPMENT - February 22, 2024

Android game development and iOS game development

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