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Magic Media - Tommy Hilfiger 3D art
Behind the Magic: Tommy Hilfiger 3D Art

ART - November 21, 2022

We were delighted to contribute our 3D art

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Magic Media - Destroy All Humans 2!
Behind the Magic: Destroy All Humans 2 Co-Development

ART - November 16, 2022

Our work on Destroy All Humans 2!

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Day in the Life: Unity Developer

CO-DEVELOPMENT - November 14, 2022

A Unity Developer is a specialised developer

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Magic Media - Blockchain Game Alliance
Magic Media Gold Members of the Blockchain Game Alliance

BLOCKCHAIN - November 10, 2022

Magic Media is now a gold member

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Magic Media - Co-development
Behind the Magic: Generation Zero Co-Development

BEHIND THE MAGIC - November 04, 2022

Generation Zero is an ongoing co-development

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Magic Media - October
Monthly News: October

LATEST NEWS - October 31, 2022

A Quick Roundup Of October At Magic Media

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Magic Media CRM Videos
Crafting CRM Videos for Your Game’s Audience

VIDEO ADS - October 26, 2022

A sizeable portion of video marketing content

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Magic Media Unreal Engine Developer
Day in the Life: Unreal Developer

CO-DEVELOPMENT - October 19, 2022

Let’s talk about one of the most

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Magic Media Web3 Wallet Integration
Seamless Unreal & Unity Web3 Wallet Integration

BLOCKCHAIN - October 13, 2022

A blockchain wallet can be defined as

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Magic Media Hector Network
Magic Media & Hector Network

LATEST NEWS - October 04, 2022

Magic Media and Hector Network are thrilled

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