Nine to Five

Nine to Five is a free-to-play team-based FPS that breaks the traditional formula. In the future, corporations rule and mercenary work is just another way to make a living. Stake your life, and money, on your team. In this 3 v 3 v 3 shooter, reflexes are useful, but teamwork is the real road to victory. Customize your loadouts, mod your favourite weapons, and make a killing!

Untitled 3Problem

The bulk of the work is made up in delivering a large number of 3D models, textures, and assets for the game. The majority of this work was in models and assets rather than textures. However, the main challenge of the project was delivering a wide variety of these assets in a modular fashion.

The purpose was to allow the developers to take a single, modular framework and create multiple, unique objects or assets from it. These included tables, fences, ladders, seats, catwalks, fire escapes, furniture, and several buildings.


The trick in these is building them specifically so that each variation has a unique feel. The modular pieces must be created so that each variation isn’t homogenous.

Our artists and modelers worked each object and asset as a whole. Achieving this goal meant working with a variety of pieces together and ensuring that they could be mixed and matched. There was a standardised shape and fit established by the team. This meant the pieces themselves could be customised freely as long as they ended up in that rough, standardised shape.

9 5 gunResult

The client was very happy with our results. From the work that required texturing, the untextured assets, as well as the modular options, they were delighted with what they received.

Thanks to our initial work, we were contracted to work on further assets. The new contract included work on vehicles in the environment, such as cars, vans, train wagons, and a tram. Finally, we worked on weapons, scopes, and attachments. All were delivered to a satisfied client.

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