At Magic Media, we were tasked with creating a 3D animation and live-action trailer for Kryptomon, turn-based RPG game featuring an open world, digital asset ownership, and monster collecting and battling gameplay features. Players can collect, train, and battle unique Kryptomon in the exciting battle arena and take on quests in the open world. The Magic Media team was delighted to come on board and work with our client to deliver a mesmerizing and ambitious trailer for Kryptomon.


Our client tasked Magic Media with creating a trailer for Kryptomon’s target audience to engage them for the game’s release and encourage them to play it. Initially, we devised several possible creative directions, and after some deliberation and discussion with our client, we settled on the idea of crafting a hybrid trailer, one utilizing both live-action footage and 3D animation. Incorporating 3D animation and live-action footage is a creative challenge that requires close attention to detail and thorough work. To achieve this, we needed to provide 3D modeling, 3D animation, sound design, live-action footage production, and compositing services.


We initiated our work with a kick-off call with our client. Here, we established what our client was hoping to achieve both visually and conceptually. They came prepared with references as a visual aid to help us understand what they were trying to achieve and for us to determine a creative solution that would work. After settling on combining 3D animation and live-action for this Kryptomon trailer, we discovered that during our storyboarding process, our initial ambitions had to be scaled down to fit the allocated budget better. Despite this, we were able to deliver on our creative direction without complications or undermining the core concept.

After completing the storyboard and script for this live-action and 3D animation trailer, we moved on to the casting phase for its live-action portion. We worked closely with our clients to identify the best actors and proceeded to supervise and consult on the live-action shoot. This helped us produce the best shots possible which further assisted with our seamless integration of 3D animation footage. We developed a rough cut of the 3D animation porting, using Blender for 3D modeling, rigging, and animation purposes. Once we refined the 3D animation footage, we composited it with the live-action footage into the complete, final version of the trailer that was released.


Throughout the entire creative process, we were in constant contact with our client. We provided weekly progress reports and they were delighted each step of the way with our work on this hybrid 3D animation and live-action trailer. Our client was completely satisfied with our final product, which we, in turn, were delighted with as it was such a creative project that required a wide range of Magic Media’s services to bring to life.

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