Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III is the latest in the grand strategy games from Paradox Development Studio. Joining its predecessors in the list of one of the most popular strategy games ever made, players take control of real historical characters. Ensure your character survives the brutality of the world and war, deliver an heir to the throne, and guarantee the success of your lineage.


The main bulk of work we were brought on to do was clothing and accessories for the multitude of characters in the game. There is a significant amount of items and accessories available to players in creating and customising their characters. Our work included creating costumes and clothing, hair styles props, headgear, and some of the buildings that populate the world map.

Our work with the client was a lot of communication and back and forth in batch deliveries.


Working in constant communication with the client, we were able to respond to their needs and requests on a batch basis. We used Marvellous Designer to simulate any clothing and cloth and added fine details in ZBrush.

Our modelers optimized the model with a highpoly texture bake and a UV wrap, and then shipped it to be rendered by the client’s team. Later on during production, we gained access to the engine proper. This allowed us to deliver the final pieces rendered in-engine for the client.


With each batch delivery of items and accessories, the client would request more of us. They were very happy with the quality of our work and with the efficient turnaround we provided. This culminated in the client granting us access to the game engine, which allowed us to deliver the models and accessories fully rendered.

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