Binnamon is a PvP MOBA with a focus on ranged combat in a battle arena. Omitting the lanes and minions of the traditional MOBA games, players can leap into combat with their unique NFT creatures and monsters. As an NFT based game, players can import their NFTs from the other Binamon collections as well as collect new creatures and monsters to utilise in the fight for victory.

binamon horse e1656587644963Problem

We were contracted for full-cycle development with the Binamon title. This meant we handled everything from the initial designs and game design document to the core programming, art, production, and the UI/UX design. This project is still in its early stages, but we’ve been working on implementing the NFTs into the game’s design and the feature allowing players to import other NFTs from their collection. We cooperated with the client’s backend programmers, blockchain specialists, and Unreal Engine developers to achieve this implementation.

binamon horse 2Solution

The game’s design went through several iterations from the original concept. Most notably, the game would have originally been focused on melee combat. After some research and testing, we decided to switch the game to a ranged combat system. We remade the core mechanics to accommodate this change and overall, it was a positive one. Playtesters and QA staff all reported a better feeling while playing with these new mechanics. Finally, we were working on these iterations and new updates on short turnarounds. Blockchain and NFT games are community built and focused so we aimed to have efficient turnarounds for the eager Binamon community.


Over the course of delivering several updates, there have been two sets distinct, separate feedback from the community and the client. This gives us interesting sets of data to work with given the different sources. Our latest update was very well received by both. Overall, both client and community are very happy with our direction and with our deliveries of content and updates. Our latest update was increasing the server player counts to 60. Next up is creating individual servers for each region.

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