Monthly News: October


October brought our next ‘Starloopian Story’ featuring Senior Unity and Game developer, Loc Nguyen from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Loc fell in love with game programming and worked in mobile game development before finding his way to Starloop Studios. 

Next, over the course of the game porting process there are many creative and technical considerations. Read Starloop’s recent blog to discover some of the considerations and efforts our team went through to port Warhammer 40,000: Deathwatch over to PS4. Lastly, knowing the differences in game development and game outsourcing services is key to ensure you get the best possible result. Learn more about what each service entails and what each one is best suited for in our latest blog ‘The Key Differences between a Remake, Remaster, and Game Porting’.

Magic Media - Starloopian Story


It is always a huge privilege to work with big names in the industry. Ringtail Studios had the amazing opportunity to work alongside no other than Tommy Hilfiger. The team helped to deliver ten outfits for the metaverse integration, allowing users to take their real-world fashion into the digital space. And we were delighted to see those outfits quickly selling out! Check out their blog to read more!

Up next, we have something a bit more terrifying, Supermassive Games’ latest title, The Quarry. Our team at Ringtail Studios contributed towards motion capture animation clean-up and working on some non-motion capture animations. Lastly, there was a terrific turnout in both Estonian and Moldovan Ringtail offices this Halloween, where the employees dressed up in costumes, carved pumpkins, and enjoyed plenty of sweets! It was a fantastic day across the offices, and they even set up a livestream so that the employees could carve pumpkins and celebrate together as a team.

Magic Media - Ringtail Studios 


During the month of October, Igloo shared a fun studio project with us recently, combining the use of live-action winter extreme sports footage and 2D animation techniques. Check out the final result to see how successful this creative project was. Next, the Magic Media group is excited to attend the SiGMA Europe summit in Malta this November! We can’t wait to engage with iGaming industry leaders and hear the fascinating talks from the event’s keynote speakers. Dan Sela, Co-Founder and CEO of Igloo Creative House, and Ivan Shtanko, Business Development Manager, will be on the floor during the event, so keep an eye out for them!

Lastly, over to Igloo Gaming where you can dive into their new blog to learn about the benefits of CRM videos and the best ways to use them. If you’re looking to understand how to keep your core audience engaged, this blog is not to be missed!

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