Monthly News: March

Starloop Studios

This month, Starloop Studios focused on all things game porting! They started off by explaining the benefits that can be gained through porting for both developers as well as players! Next, they published an article that discussed the importance of content optimization in game porting and what makes a game well optimized. Following that, Starloop offered a look into their game porting of Star Control Origins, an exciting sci-fi RPG in their latest case study! To cap it all off, the Starloop team also released a free e-book which gives you 7 technical tips for porting games to next gen consoles! Download it here!

Last, but not least, Starloop announced the date for their second NFT based webinar, the 13th of April! Mark it on your calendar, you won’t want to miss this.

In collaboration with Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle, and Starloop’s Video Game Producer Tomas Walter, they will be discussing key points about NFT game development and the benefits of using a dedicated NFT game developer. Reserve your spot now!

Starloop NFT Webinar

Ringtail Studios

This month was extremely busy for Ringtail Studios, as they shared a wide selection of art, game announcements, office pictures, and more! Ringtail were excited to share the piece of art called Pressure Point, which was created for “Nine to Five”. These types of assets are generated to help immerse a player into the game by ensuring the world looks and feels alive.

Next, Ringtail were delighted to announce their partnership and sponsorship of GameDev Estonia! GameDev Estonia is a non-profit organization, creating a support network for game developers in Estonia.

Finally, Ringtail Studios announced how excited they are to have been involved in creating Supermassive Games’ upcoming title, The Quarry! A thrilling, interactive horror-drama experience, players take control of each of the nine protagonists as they try to survive a night at Hackett Quarry.

The Quarry

Magic Room

This month, Magic Room published a brand new VFX Reel capturing some of the amazing projects they have worked on over the past year! From character creation and animation to compositing, VFX, and on-set production, Magic Room’s goal is to take creativity without limits. For Magic Room, there are few things more rewarding than watching an idea go from concept, to model, and finally to life on screen. Check it out here!


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