Monthly News: January


January saw Starloop Studios first blog of 2023 which discussed “The Role of Animation & VFX in Video Games”. This blog outlined how VFX and animation can make your game shine, and how these disciplines can mean the difference between a flat, lifeless experience, and a truly memorable, lived-in-world! It’s important to note that animation and VFX play a vital role in making video games more enjoyable and immersive experiences. With the right tools, techniques, and knowledge, developers can create truly stunning worlds and characters that will immerse players in their games.

Next, Starloop Studios were proud to lend their art skills and services to Pixelmon, and shared some of the work they did on social media during a post in January. Check it out here!

Magic Media Starloop Studios


Igloo just finished an awesome trailer for Gamma4, which was an amazing collaboration with Starloop Studios. Igloo are currently producing an eSport event for Candivore which will be live soon. Plus, they have also produced several organizational videos for Playtika this month! January brought a new blog from Igloo Creative House about The Benefits of Product Videos, this blog explored the role of product videos in your marketing strategy and how they stand apart from other types of video marketing. An enjoyable, yet fascinating read!

Next, over to Igloo Gaming where they had the opportunity to attend the Pocket Gamer Connects conference in London on the 23rd and 24th of January. Co-founders and dynamic duo Dan Sela & Arik Benari had a fantastic time at this event, and met some very talented developers!

Dan and Arik at PGC Event

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