Monthly News: August

Starloop Studios

To ensure that Starloop continues to provide premium quality services and information to its customers, they researched a number of topics within the gaming industry to help better educate their followers. We were delighted to help our followers understand the ins and outs of UE4 through our blog called ‘Tips and Best Practices for Unreal Engine 4’. Next, Starloop launched another blog called ‘How to Create an Android Game with Unity?’ which highlights how you can best prepare and create an Android game with Unity. Lastly, Starloop had their very own Julien Ludwig in attendance at the devcom Developer Conference between the 23-27 August, so make sure to keep an eye out for us at future events.

Unity Game

Ringtail Studios

This month, Ringtail highlighted one of their detailed pieces ‘Titan Battleships’ for the Necroid expansion of Stellaris. Of course, no project is without its challenges, however Ringtails dedicated team overcame every hurdle they faced. The ship was in three parts and needed to be connected, the overall shape of the ship was quite irregular with both smooth and sharp transitions, but Ringtails team considered the issues and provided solutions.

Titan Battleship

Magic Room

This month Magic Room launched a blog across social media explaining  ‘What 3 Months of VFX Character Creation Looks Like’ to highlight what goes into creating and delivering  animated character creations! The world of VFX is mysterious to most, but Magic Room wanted to break down some of those barriers and reveal the processes underneath.

Cinematics scene

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