The Goombles

The Magic Media team was tasked with delivering full-cycle game development services and video production services for The Goombles, a confectionery-themed tower defense game. In The Goombles, players defend their towers using weaponry against The Sour – the sworn enemy of the Goombles’ world of Sweetopia. We couldn’t be more pleased with our work and to have the opportunity to work with such an engaged client.

tianco 24Problem

Our client required Magic Media to build The Goombles from the ground up through our full-cycle game development services and to create marketing materials with our video production services. Our services included initial conceptualization, programming, design, art, testing, and more. On the video marketing side, we were tasked with creating a main game trailer, three distinct user acquisition advertisements, banners, and a series of cinemagraphs.

tianco 24Solution

At the beginning of our work, we spent ample time communicating with our client to understand their vision and requirements as best as possible. We delivered our full-cycle development services over six months approximately, taking The Goombles from an idea to a fully realized game using Unity as our game engine. In the initial phase of the project, we developed creative concepts and prototypes before entering into fully-fledged game development work. In the final months of the project, we dedicated ourselves to ensuring The Goombles was optimized for each of its target platforms and was as bug-free as possible.

We began our video production services work while The Goombles’ principal development was underway. This provided us with a distinct advantage in using some of the game’s in-game assets for our video content. We produced all of this content over six weeks and included several in-game assets, edited assets, and custom environments for our trailers and advertisements to showcase the core elements of The Goombles and attract players.

Throughout this whole process, we kept in constant contact with our client to provide updates, and deliverables, and discuss The Goombles. They were extremely receptive to our expert recommendations and helped shape this process into a truly collaborative one.

tianco 24Result

Our client was highly satisfied with our work on The Goombles, so much so that the game was presented to potential investors. This is a true testament to the high-quality full-cycle game development services and video production services we delivered for the project and our client’s confidence in the caliber of our work. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of our work and more pleased with how we exceeded our client’s expectations.

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