Farmville 3

In creating a campaign of multiple short promos for a single game, optimizing your production pipeline and resources is important. We were recommended by an ASO firm to collaborate with leading developer Zynga on their Farmville 3 campaign. After a meeting with their Growth Manager, we were contracted to create a series of trailers for Farmville’s vibrant world of sim-farming.


In taking on the project, we faced a number of technical challenges. First, our client counted on us to create the series from scratch, providing only the titles which would be used in the video. Although this meant we were afforded a good deal of creative freedom, we had to be careful to consistently relay the proper tone for the game. Additionally, we had a tight timeline for the first video, with a net of 4-5 days to complete the final draft, which is typical for the creation of UA ads.


Although we could be adventurous, we also looked at finding creatives which were simple enough not to sacrifice or deter from the main focus of the ad. Our approach then to maintaining consistency developed quickly after we became more familiar with the existing materials at our disposal, especially with our animators. We optimized our production process to reuse and adapt these assets into new contexts and stories, thus making our turnaround faster and on schedule. Likewise, we successfully incorporated live-action stock footage, making its inclusion seamless within the videos, from colour grading to the addition of 3D elements. Combining this with examples of the gameplay, each promo conveys a distinct character, while orienting customers towards the experience of the game.


At this rate, we have been able to create dozens of ads for Zynga’s Farmville based on this production process. On top of increasing sales for our client, we have also successfully established a long-term relationship with Zynga, through our streamlined process. From a technical perspective, we have also learned how to apply this pipeline to future projects, chiefly the process of mixing assets from a number of sources to make the story more cohesive.

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