Our veteran teams won’t just deliver or assist on your game and its delivery, we’re ready to deliver that gold standard of service across every aspect. From quality assurance of your art and design, ongoing bug testing, security, and technical quality assurance of your systems and mechanics, our expert teams will ensure you can launch in as stable a position as possible. The global Magic Media team is composed of talented individuals which will guarantee a high degree of testing and refinement before it ever reaches the QA teams.

In addition to offering QA testing for game art and game design, bug testing, security and technical QA testing, we also offer comprehensive load testing services. Based on a headless cloud solution, our industry-leading team can deliver unparalleled load testing services to ensure your game has the capacity to scale and adapt to your needs. Our QA and testing teams are always striving to push the boundaries of their fields and seeking out new tools and methodologies to increase the quality of their work.

Our Clients

  • Magic Media Ubisoft
  • Magic Media - Epic Games
  • Magic Media - 2K
  • Magic Media - EA
  • Magic Media - Microids
  • Magic Media - Improbable
  • Magic Media - Immutable
  • Magic Media - Gunfire Games
  • Magic Media - Bruner House
  • Magic Media - Expansive Worlds
  • Magic Media - NDreams
  • Magic Media - Acrtic7
  • Magic Media - Gearbox
  • Magic Media - Ankama
  • Magic Media - Cantos
  • Magic Media - Supermassive Games
  • Magic Media - Platige
  • Magic Media - Kmon

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