Monthly News: September

Starloop Studios

This month, Starloop were delighted to help their followers understand the ins and outs of Game Porting and Co-Development through a series of differentiated posts. The demand for game porting services has never been higher due to the wide variety of platforms available. Therefore, Starloop felt it was important to create a blog explaining the “The How’s and Why’s of Game Porting”. 

Next up for Game Porting, Starloop’s Managing Director Jesus Bosch explained the service in-depth on video and they also released a case study on their port of Hello Guest from PC to Xbox One and iOS. Game Porting wasn’t the only hot topic this month, Starloop also delved into their Game Co-Development Services too. Outsourcing in video games offers several advantages. Starloop took this opportunity to educate their followers by writing a blog on those advantages and how co-development can help you save time and resources in delivering your title 


Starloop Studios September

Ringtail Studios

Ringtail Studios specializes in providing content development services and this month, Ringtail was able to share two of the exciting projects they had been working on over the last few months. First, Redhill Games’ title Nine to Five entered early access on Steam, and Ringtail were happy to contribute to the game’s design by delivering modelling and texturing services for weapons, environmental assets, and vehicles. Ringtail also worked in partnership with Ready Player Me, Aircards, Warner Bros. Entertainment, Legendary Entertainment and Verizon Media in delivering the Dune AR avatar experience. Ringtails’ teams delivered a variety of outfits and clothing for the AR experience, look out for its arrival in theatres and on HBO Max on October 22. 

Of course, Ringtail would not be complete without its latest biannual art competition, where the brief was a Sci-fi based ‘Defender’ turret.  A huge congratulations to the 1st place winner, Konstantin Tokmakov, with his stellar design and to 2nd place Roman Tibulschii in particular, check out some of the designs here! 

ringtail photo


Magic Room

This month Magic Room launched its second Inside the Magic Room blog, which takes a deep dive into our artists, their experiences, projects completed, and more. This month’s candidate was Reza Hadiani, he is one of Magic Room’s animators and a veteran of twelve years in the industry. Reza has worked with a variety of projects, from cartoons, game cinematics and in-game animations, and even feature films. For Reza, the beauty of animation is the combination of science and art. This helps drive his work, alongside a friendly work atmosphere that he says can’t be found elsewhere.

magic room photo

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