Monthly News: September

Starloop Studios

A new month at Starloop wouldn’t be complete without a Starloopian Story. This month, the Starloopian Story featured the stellar UX Designer & UI Artist, Rafael Martinez Tarin! Like many of Starloop’s team, his interest in gaming began in his childhood, learn more about him now! Next, blockchain and NFT gaming is on the rise but despite its growing popularity, it can be difficult to begin the process. Read Starloop’s latest blog as they explain more about blockchain platforms, some of the leading names out there, and six key considerations for choosing the right blockchain platform for you. Lastly, Starloop shared art from one of the many blockchain gaming projects they are currently working on for Gamma-4! A sci-fi, turn-based team combat game where players can mix and match their characters and NFTs to create new, unique versions of their original characters, check it out.

Starloopian Story

Magic Room

During the month of September, Magic Room Studios published a piece of art called “Triple Threat”, these three characters exhibit an intimidating demeanor, making it easy to imagine them as antagonists. At Magic Room, they strive to create characters that make lasting impressions while encouraging the viewer to look closely and observe their obscure details. Next, Magic Room posted their “Space Attack” video, which was a cinematic created for Phantom Galaxies, a fast-paced mech shooter mixed with open-world space simulator elements. Check it out!

Vampire Art

Ringtail Studios

This month, Ringtail Studios published a blog which gives a more in-depth look at ‘Meeting AAA Game Standards‘. Ever wondered what goes into creating AAA-quality art and assets? Check out the blog now! Next, Ringtail Studios’ Educational Program Manager, Andrejs Rusinovskis, was the latest guest on the Magic Media podcast, give his episode a listen! Lastly, Ringtail are delighted to say that the second wave of students have finished their classes with the Academy, and many have moved on to jobs in the industry! Of course, Ringtail are excited to be contributing towards a new generation of artists, modellers, and animators!

Ringtail Academy


During September, Igloo had the opportunity to visit the Meta offices to kick off a brand-new partnership. The team is delighted to join an e-commerce program as a Meta-recommended agency. It was great to meet with cool e-commerce brands to gain key insights that will help Igloo craft beautiful performance videos, which they promise to share soon! Now, you won’t want to miss this performance marketing video that Igloo Creative House created for Reals, the revolutionary video-creation platform from Hour One! In this video, we aimed to get to the heart of the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the platform in a direct manner.

Next, over at Igloo Gaming in their newest blog post, Igloo outline the benefits of incorporating interactive video content into your marketing strategy. For both gaming and non-gaming businesses, there are benefits for engagement and your product. Read more now!

Meta Offices

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