Monthly News: October

Starloop Studios

This month, Starloop Studios were delighted to publish two new case studies. The first one being a Game Marketing Art case study referring to their work on Hills of Steel and the second a Game VFX Case Study on the work they did for the game Whack Attack.

Next, Starloop put together two new e-books’, these books can be downloaded for free on Starloop Studios website. These e-books are to help potential customers learn about some of the advantages of outsourcing full-cycle game production and also provide tips to increase the appeal of your game’s visuals FX. In order to re-enforce the topic of outsourcing game production, Starloop created an infographic with the four stages of full-cycle game production to help followers get a better grasp of the process.

Lastly, Starloop Studios published a blog explaining ‘The Benefits of Outsourcing Game Development’. When it comes to game development, delegating tasks offers a number of advantages and benefits. Outsourcing companies, like Starloop Studios, offer full support throughout the entire process.


Starloop Studios October

Ringtail Studios

This month, Ringtail Studios shared an exciting piece they had been working on over the last few months. Ringtail were delighted to share the reveal trailer for Destroy all Humans 2. After contributing to the original game’s remake, Ringtail were delighted to help Black Forest Games GmbH with Destroy All Humans 2.

Next, Ringtail published 2 pieces from their art portfolio called ‘Full Steam’ and ‘Cross Country’. Creating an asset like ‘Full Steam’ is an excellent example of how the technical requirements, historical accuracy, and client stylistic wishes all come together and meet in the middle.

Finally, for the wild, off-road experience of Overpass Ringtail were delighted to help Zordix and deliver assets such as ‘Cross Country’ to complete the experience.

Ringtail Zordix

Magic Room

This month Magic Room launched a short video clip of the trailer they created for ATB Arena! Magic Room created the trailer using iconic characters from ATB Arena, they also set the scene for the heroes to face off against the terrifying, undead draconic gatekeeper.

Next, Magic Room answered the question of ‘what kind of VFX is involved in a multi-million-dollar blockbuster?’ through their newest blog post. When it comes to high-budget blockbusters, each movie is a composition of work made by huge groups of people. At the minimum, hundreds across several companies. In many cases, there are companies with over a thousand committed to a project.

Lastly, Magic Room shared a clip of theirs called ‘Space Attack’ which was the cinematic reveal trailer that the Magic Room team helped to create for Phantom Galaxies. A fast-paced mech shooter merged with an open-world space sim, take to the stars, and carve out your place in it!

Magic Room VFX

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