Monthly News: November


November brought our next ‘Starloopian Story’ Unity Developer Lead, Oleg Fischer! Oleg’s gaming journey began with Montezuma’s Revenge on the Atari 800 and from then, his world was different. For Oleg, the benefits of working with Starloop come from the communication, professional colleagues, and the chance to be a part of the gaming projects that they create together.

Next, check out this video of one of the many ships that our team helped create for the terrific Starborne: Frontiers. From terrifying body-horror cyborgs, augmented authoritarian militants, futuristic multicultural elitists, and antagonistic marauders, players will have a wealth of choice between both ships and pilots as they explore the Frontier. Lastly, dame development is an involved, complicated process. Starloop considers it to be comprised of seven stages that are inextricably linked to each other. Learn more about the seven stages of game development, the value of the planning stage, and the importance of testing throughout the game development pipeline in their latest blog.

Unity Developer Lead, Oleg Fischer


This month, Ringtail opened the doors to its third Ringtail Studios office, located in Tbilisi, Georgia! With their growing team, they will add further talent and expertise and increase what the team can offer to the clients in both time and project size. As always, it is a huge privilege and honor to work with big names in the industry. Ringtail Studios are always delighted to assist teams like those at Amazon Games in providing incredible games to players. It’s the teams’ pleasure to have contributed to creating the game environment in ‘New World’ with seven batches of tools, weapons, and characters!

Up next, in their latest blog, Ringtail discusses the decision to be made between game art outsourcing and full internal development and the cost benefits of outsourcing. Check it out! Lastly, the Ringtail team, alongside the fantastic artists and modelers in Starloop Studios and Magic Media, helped to deliver more than 70 pilots and ships for the release of Starborne: Frontiers!

Ringtail Office - Georgia


This month, Igloo were delighted to have a booth at SiGMA – World’s Gaming Festival in Malta! Co-Founder and CEO, Dan Sela, and Ivan Shtanko, Igloo’s Business Development Manager, were excited to connect with other industry leaders and meet everyone out on the floor!  Next, optimizing the perfect video brief for a creative company will not only shorten completion time, but it will also save you money. Have you considered how the length of a video may affect conversions? How about depending on your location, what audio elements should be highlighted? Why not check out Igloo’s blog where they have outlined vital considerations when creating a video brief in order to better streamline your idea from action to implementation.

Next, over to Igloo Gaming where it’s all lights, cameras, and action with this in-app trailer to reveal the new “Bunns on Film” sticker album for “Board Kings” users. Having an animation trailer tailored to the player’s journey helps maintain the ‘unchartered territory’ experience and boost your CRM marketing.

Igloo Sigma World

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