Monthly News: June

Starloop Studios

This month, Starloop took a trip behind the scenes to learn about one of their Game Producers, Yuliya Kor and her ‘Starloopian Story’. From her first interview, she felt that it was a perfect match for her and Starloop Studios. Next, Starloop were so excited to share a new NFT game development case study. Binamon is a PvP-based MOBA focusing on ranged combat in an open battle arena. While still in the early stages of development, Starloop’s client and the NFT community involved are looking forward to the next update! Last but not least, the Starloop team were thrilled to share some exciting news! A new Starloop look has arrived. Check out their launch video and visit the brand-new Starloop Studios website!

Starloop Studios New Website

Magic Room

This month, Magic Room published a video from their work on the Foxter & Max project. One of Magic Room’s animators spent six months producing the animation for Foxter. It had to be done manually, key-frame by key-frame, to ensure an acceptable level of quality and detail was achieved, check it out now! Next, check out this video featuring a terrifying lizard! This is an example of a test project, created by one of Magic Room’s artists to help hone their skills for animation, lighting, and compositing.

Foxter & Max

Ringtail Studios

This month, Ringtail Studios published a short interview with Senior Lead 3D Artist, Mark Vorobjov talking about his experience in the industry and time at Ringtail. Marks day-to-day consists of leading teams of 3D artists in delivering the acceptable AAA-quality level of work, providing feedback, communicating with the client, and setting out the documentation and time estimates for tasks.

Lastly, check out a model that one of Ringtail’s artists created for the latest game in the Borderlands series, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The artists modeled, sculpted, and textured this treasure chest using ZBrush, Maya, Photoshop, and Substance Painter.

Wonderlands Art Ringtail Studios


This month, Igloo unveiled their new 2022 Showreel! Check out the video, see some of their past work, most recent projects, and the direction ahead. Next, Igloo shared a video they had created for SodaStream International, Ltd. they relied primarily on creating an exciting set of motion graphics, typography, and good rhythm in order to engage the customer with the brand. Demonstrating Sodastream’s commitment to environmental sustainability, Igloo illustrated a range of statistics that gives the customer a clearer perspective on how much they make a difference.

Over at Igloo Gaming, check out this short promo they created for Banditos Studio’s Five Heroes, a riveting strategy RPG. This is one of three ads they created for the Banditos’ campaign, which are still currently running and generating hits.

Igloo Creative House Reel


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