Monthly News: July

Starloop Studios

We at Magic Media are delighted to announce that Starloop Studios have joined our international tech group as an official Magic Media company. Thanks to this collaboration and Starloops’ part in the group, we’re able to offer a greater range of gaming services and assist on even larger projects. Starloop takes pride in delivering incredible games for publishers, developers, world-class brands, and private companies.


Magic Media July

Ringtail Studios

July was quite a busy month for us here at Magic Media. Not only did we introduce Starloop Studios to our growing company, we were also thrilled to welcome Ringtail Studios to the global team. Ringtail Studios is a 3D art development studio with studio production offices based in Estonia and Moldova. Ringtail Studios specializes in providing content development services for all types of platforms and real-time engines in the gaming and interactive entertainment industries. Ringtails’ main expertise are 3D modeling, texturing, and in-game Animation.

This month, Ringtail highlighted their detailed Capitol building which was completed for the remaster of ‘Destroy All Humans’. This game was developed by Black Forest Games GmbH and published by THQ Nordic in 2020. To learn more about how the ‘Captivating Capitol’ was created and look at the work in closer detail, check out Ringtails’ detailed description.

Ringtail Studios July

Magic Room

Magic Room, our cinematic VFX and Animation studio, continues to provide top quality visual effects and digital content for their customers. July was busy, busy, busy but that didn’t stop Magic Room from highlighting two of their exciting projects for the world to see. Magic Room shared an out of this world piece called ‘Kosmos Cruise’ which was designed for one of the great and upcoming works from ForeFilms. They worked on this shot as part of a huge project, where they handled several key aspects of the shot. For a more in depth look into the development of the orbiting space station check out the full post here. Now of course it is not just blockbuster movies and TV that Magic Room works on. They also worked on a bespoke video for a client who wanted to showcase how their unique performance scalability technology for games works by representing players spawning in and performing in-game actions. However, no company can operate without the staff who work behind the scenes which is why Magic Room introduced a new segment called ‘Inside the Magic Room’. This new segment took a quick dive into one of Magic Room’s expert producers Leonid Karachko. Check out the post about Leonid’s 14 years of experience within the industry now.

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