Monthly News: July

Starloop Studios

This month, Starloop Studios focused largely on Full Cycle Game Development! First, they started off by explaining The Cost of Console Game Development and taking us through the seven stages in game development, helping us understand the scale, and the multiple stages of development which helps determine the cost. Next, a month at Starloop wouldn’t be complete without a Starloopian Story. This month, followers had the pleasure of learning about Senior Unity Developer, Nenad! Learn about Nenad’s journey from self-made mobile game to the latest in Crypto-based gaming! Finally, Starloop shared work from one of their major projects Binamon, which is an ongoing full-cycle development project. Have a look at some new art and concepts for the NFT gaming experience in the PvP battler.

Magic Room

This month Magic Room shared a blog to help explain and dispel what happens in VFX character creation. The process of creating VFX for films, despite its growing accessibility and skyrocketing quality, is still something mystical to most viewers. So, we decided to help break that down, by discussing what 3 months of VFX character creation looks like.

Character Creation

Ringtail Studios

This month Ringtail Studios had the pleasure of working in tandem with GameDev Estonia and Aleksei Shatunov to deliver an art and design masterclass on human anatomy. A fundamental piece of an artist and animator’s work, Ringtail were happy to see so many attendees, far beyond what they expected! Next, Ringtail Studios published a blog called 1 Year on with Magic Media, since joining the Magic Media group, Ringtail have grown and begun tackling bigger projects. Check out the blog now to see what else has changed and how Ringtail has evolved over these past twelve months! Lastly, take a look at Ringtail’s newest art piece, “Scavenged Supplies”. Which the artists at Ringtail created while working with the Avalanche Studios Group on their open-world, stealth-action game, Generation Zero.

Gen Zero Art


This month, Igloo highlighted Merav Uliansky who is one of their Graphic Designers! In terms of profession, Merav sees herself as an artist, although she is a graphic designer in trade, she considers herself an illustrator and writer in passion. Check out the rest of her story now! Next, Igloo were delighted to share a sneak peek into how they bring their animations together, from their initial concepts to being modeled, textured, and prepared for release. Check out this behind-the-scenes video that documents the hard work involved in creating their videos.

Over at Igloo Gaming, followers were brought to Vegas! Check out this trailer Igloo made for Spades Royale – Card Game, one of the most popular multiplayer video card games.

Igloo Creative House

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