Monthly News: February


This month, Starloop Studios created a VFX Gaming E-Book. Starloop Studios understand that VFX can help games transcend into truly singular, memorable experiences!  Whether it’s to create an immersive world through weather effects, discreet game-to-player communication about game mechanics, or crafting wondrous magical effects for your fantasy title, Starloop have the experience to deliver industry-leading VFX for your games. This E-Book is available to be downloaded once you sign up with you email address.

Next, check out Starloop Studios 5 Stages of Game Porting, what might seem like a simple job of compiling a game for another platform is an intricate, challenging task that can pay dividends if executed well!

VFX Gaming E-Book


This month Ringtail have been busy with lots of projects, events, and more! Ringtail attended the Global Game Jam in Pärnu! It was hosted in the beautiful Wasa Resort and Spa. Organised by the fantastic teams at Gamecan and Ringtail Studios’ partners, Gamedev Estonia, the weekend saw more than 60 participants from around the world! The event took place around the world at the same time, with this year’s being represented in more than 700 locations, 100 countries, and 25,000 participants!

Ringtail team

Next, Ringtail had an absolutely stellar day organising and hosting a Tbilisi game developer meet up event! Welcome to all, developers and players alike, they were delighted to have more than fifty attendees showcasing their prototypes, discovering career opportunities, and discussing potential lines of work in the field of game development. A fantastic day for the team!

Ringtail Studios team

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