Monthly News: August

Starloop Studios

A new month at Starloop wouldn’t be complete without a ‘Starloopian Story’. This month, followers had the pleasure of learning about Damla Metin, one of Starloops Unity Developers. Check out her story and how she began her journey to enter the gaming industry. Next, considering how the gaming industry continues to grow, PC game development can be a worthy investment. Read Starloop’s latest blog as they explain the value of PC game development, its advantages over other platforms, and how it can benefit the players. While console and mobile games evolve at a staggering pace, drawing in hundreds of millions of players, PC gaming is not sitting on its laurels! Take a look at this infographic which goes over PC gaming emerging 2022 trends.

SL August

Magic Room

During the month of August, Magic Room Studios announced one of their most recent projects they worked on, Netflix’s Carter! This high-octane action movie was a thrill ride to work on! Carter is an explosive live-action movie that required a high level of attention to detail from the Magic Room team. Secondly, check out their newest blog post, where they delve into detail about working on a major film production. This exciting action-adventure project tested the team technical skills and led them to creating some of their best work yet.

MR August

Ringtail Studios

This month, Ringtail Studios published a blog which gives a more in-depth look at their work and pipeline for the game ‘Destroy All Humans’. Ringtail were beyond delighted to contribute their services to its recreation and release. Next, have a look into the talent behind Ringtail Studios as we dive again into Quality Assurance with Sergey Sirotkin. He is one of Ringtails brilliant QA engineers, ensuring throughout the development pipeline that the content we are delivering is bug-free and working as intended. Finally, Ringtail Studios were delighted to collaborate with Tommy Hilfiger in creating ten outfits for the Ready Player Me platform.

RT August


This month, Igloo highlighted Merav Uliansky who is one of their Graphic Designers! In terms of profession, Merav sees herself as an artist, although she is a graphic designer in trade, she considers herself an illustrator and writer in passion. Check out the rest of her story now! Next, Igloo were delighted to share a sneak peek into how they bring their animations together, from their initial concepts to being modeled, textured, and prepared for release. Check out this behind-the-scenes video that documents the hard work involved in creating their videos.

Over at Igloo Gaming, followers were brought to Vegas! Check out this trailer Igloo made for Spades Royale – Card Game, one of the most popular multiplayer video card games.

Igloo August


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