Crypto Payments Now Accepted

Crypto Payments 

We are delighted to announce that Magic Media is now accepting of all stable cryptocurrencies, including USDC and PAX, for payment!  

It has been a big year for the Magic Media group. And with the huge growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain, we’re always pushing to stay with the times. We aim to pioneer and lead through innovation, so it was only natural that we embraced the use of cryptocurrency wholesale! 

There is a truly tremendous amount of momentum in the crypto scene, and gaming companies are flocking to allow cryptocurrency payments. This expands the players options for purchasing in-game content and any add-on content or expansions. 

Rising Popularity 

The momentum is driven in large part due to game developers flocking to blockchain-based projects. Following the huge success stories, it is only natural that more would rush into the blockchain world of gaming. 

We can’t wait to see where the future will be as blockchain, and cryptocurrencies become more widespread and accepted. As the world continues to move into a more digital centric space, a blockchain, crypto, and NFT presence might not just be important. They may be integral to continued business. 

Want to learn more about our cryptocurrency offerings or NFT development services? Get in touch! We’re always ready to create magic for your dream project. 


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