A Revolution: NFTs in Gaming

With the ever-rising popularity of NFTs, we’re seeing more and more enquiries and requests about implementing NFTs into games. As well as requests to create games that utilize their NFTs, to take the unique and treasured NFTs and manifest them as a part of the gaming experience. 

What are NFTs? 

For the uninitiated, NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s effectively a digital certificate of ownership. And they are bought and sold using cryptocurrency. You might have heard of NFT art going for hundreds of thousands or musicians utilizing NFTs to recoup their losses after the pandemic lockdowns. You might have even heard of memes being turned into NFTs and sold off at ludicrous prices. 

In our experience, this is often just more confusion and noise in an already confusing topic. NFTs can be anything digital. Photos, videos, audio, any digital file can be turned into an NFT. And just like anything, it can increase or decrease in value depending on its rarity and source. And they are always stored on the blockchain, which serves as a public proof of ownership of said NFT. 

NFTs in Gaming 

So, you may ask, how can NFTs be used in the gaming industry? Simply put, if it can be anything digital, then why not something in game? 

A character, a cool outfit or skin, a unique weapon or background for your profile. If it can be anything, it can be implemented into anything. The only limit is what’s in the game itself, and that’s always up for expansion. 

Our team and your NFTs 

We’ve had a recent influx of interest regarding NFT implementation in games. And in creating games to house the NFTs that a group has created. We’re working on several games now, all involving the use of NFT. And the demand is increasing exponentially. There are groups of excited creators looking to release their NFTs and game at once, however, they come to realize that making a game is no easy or quick task! 

That is where our full-cycle development service comes into play. A team of game development experts, on hand to create the game that they’ve imagined. We’re always ready to help take their concept and idea to a fulfilled and complete stage, from pre-production and ideation all the way to final and post-release. 

We’re able to create the game, develop it entirely, and the clients help to integrate it into their blockchain. And typically, they’ll be using their own cryptocurrency in-game as well. Here, the NFTs can be anything you can imagine. If you’ve sold a veritable plethora of NFTs, the game can be designed around what they are. Unique and terrifying monsters, equipment for a military force, spectacular backgrounds for your profile or playscape. 

This is a fluid interaction. Where there is no single, catch-all solution for every game that comes to us. Each client has made their NFTs and sold cryptocurrency (often Ethereum) with a different blockchain. It’s up to us to adapt to the tech stack that the client needs. 

And in some cases, these games can be created to allow players to use any NFT in any game that’s built for it. Taking an NFT from one title and using it as an asset in another, if the developer has allowed for it. 

Why would you do any of this? 

Well, there are some huge benefits to including NFTs. They are an excellent source of income for rising clients. You can create a variety of NFTs from images and videos to audio and items. And they can have different rarities and qualities, offering players a substantial range of extra customization.  

Outside the game’s typical collectables and equipment, the opportunity to offer players their own unique pieces and experiences is something to be pursued. Any players who wish to engage with the NFTs can do so and get the benefit that they’re seeking while supporting a game they like. 

Interested in utilizing your NFTs in the gaming world? Or have an idea for a blockchain game and are unsure of how to execute it? Get in touch and let us help! 


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